The global intimate apparel market is $120 billion annually. Box of Intimates is providing an exciting opportunity for you to gain a foothold in this huge, growing, highly profitable market and make a mark in changing the way women shop for their intimates.

What We Do

We empower women, one bra at a time. 

We exist to help women on different levels:

1. We empower business owners - our lingerie is made by independent lingerie designers. Women with a passion for their craft with you, your shapes and your well-being in mind.

2. We empower the women wearing intimates who care about doing good and feeling good inside out. 

We don't just sell pretty boxes, goodies and empowering quotes. We go the extra mile to ensure that all we offer in our Box of Intimates is ethical. We support emerging economies and pay a fair price for it.

In other words, we sell confidence, well-being and  in a box. Put sparkle into one's life without the guilt. 

We are all about female supporting female and sending out a positive body image in this modern world.

Join the community

BE the BOI! Get effective tips and tricks to kick start the happy sexy lucky you and get more out of life.

More than a lingerie box, VIP features a mix of beauty, fashion and wellness products that help our subscribers feel good and confident from the inside out. Our lingerie is made by women from all around the world, for women of all size and shape.

Development stage

3-months pilot launched in September.

Total of 30 subscriptions

We have a handful of paying subscribers on our the waiting list . 

Our top selling countries: 

1 - USA

2 - Canada

3 - UK

4 - Ireland

5 - Turkey

Our Goal and Vision

We want every women to easily relate to the Box Of Intimates  and be the best versions of themselves by offering them the confidence they deserve. Lingerie shopping can be a daunting task so giving women easy, brainless access to beautiful lingerie in the style.

*** Innovation culture ***

We are building an army of women ???


Partner(s) will be based in the UK / USA or willing to relocate. UK Visa options can be discussed.

Job description
Box of Intimate is looking for a Co-Founder to join our small team in London. New York. The Cofounder will be responsible for managing the inner working of our lingerie subscription business on a full-time basis.
The co-founder will be able to manage its time effectively and have an active role in managing brands, suppliers, logistics, budgeting, , have excellent written and verbal communication skills, be highly organized and excited to work with a diverse, global group of individuals.
I am looking for someone who is a team player and thrives to create amazing opportunity for the business, who believes in The Box of Intimates vision and  
Preferably the co-founder will be happy in front of the camera - think
Someone eager to work in a start-up environment, who is also a creative thinker with the capacity to bring their own original ideas to the team and research the market.  While we are looking for someone with event planning experience, we are not looking for a traditional “event planner” and encourage individuals with non-traditional backgrounds, seasoned curatorial experience, and broad interests to apply. This position is a key part on a small, productive and smart team, in which every member wears multiple hats. Ideal candidates will be global in some way, and being multilingual is a plus.
The TED Fellows program supports extraordinary, iconoclastic individuals at work on world-changing projects. TED conferences and events are a key part of fostering community and collaboration between TED Fellows, building a strong brand for the Fellows program, and providing a global platform to share the ideas of the internationally recognized Fellows community.
Including but not limited to:  

  • Business planning
  • Business strategy and implementation
  • Online and offline marketing strategy and implementation
  • Recruitment and team building
  • Business development in the UK and US
  • Pitching and fundraising from angel investor and investor funds
  • Ability to model and be the face of the brand! 
  • Liaising with suppliers, brands and
  • Overall running and day-to-day management of the Box of Intimates

Conducting evaluation of conferences including debrief meetings and surveys and the collection metrics to use as a roadmap for future improvement
Building and managing overall team communications, including:  

  • Communicating with consultants, freelancers, etc. 
  • Participating in the decision-making process
  • Bringing ideas

Strong Preference For

  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Understanding of the startup ecosystem with proven ability to walk the walk
  • Social media influencers
  • Press and Media Relations
  • Ability to invest cash into the business and/or full-time availability
  • A deep knowledge and interest in cross-disciplinary topics, including lingerie, swimwear, arts, technology and business
  • Experience creating and managing detailed, complex communication plans
  • Ability to create now exciting opportunities for the business
  • Great communication skills and a sense of humour
  • An artistic eye and attention to detail


What is expected of the partner(s)?

  • A passion of the business we are in
  • Ability to invest time and money
  • Hard working individual with strong positive can-do attitude
  • Ability to handle fast paced projects
  • Ability to travel for business
  • Experience in business, fashion and social media marketing preferred

Investment Structure

Investment Structure To be discussed with the right individuals. As a guideline, expectations are at least to dedicate 30 hours a week and £20,000 (personal saving, bank loan, start up loan, friends & family, …  EQUITY: 25 to 40% (prior external investment).

Why should you work for Klarna?

  • Small self-funded business which means we are more flexible, liberal, make things happen quickly and we have no limit. We are our own bosses
  • We have the ability to test and verify ideas rapidly, enabling us to move fast as we build up understanding, know-how and functionality for our users
  • Milly is a serial entrepreneur with an expertise in Lingerie and Technology. Former model and dancer
  • Supported by Virgin Start-up
  • Flexible working
  • Small and mostly remote team
  • Expansion to the US
  • It is early days, the best time to join the venture!
  • High investment potential if aligned with tech/AI, we don't just want to provide beautiful ethically made lingerie but we also //// size fit applying AI & machine learning techniques to real-world problems that influence our day-to-day lives in a positive way

The team is located in a great location in central Stockholm.For this position we do not cover relocation.

Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Financial Services
  • Internet
  • Information Technology and Services

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Design
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering


What’s in it for you?

  • manage your own time
  • market recognition and support of the well established industry leader
  • chance to work with top intimate apparel products, with competitive pricing and a great market potential

Other Activities

As a fairly visual business, we are looking to leverage the use of social media - YouTube, Facebook, Blogs,  - brand collaborations and influencer marketing 

Off line marketing such as pop-ups.

Advantages and innovations

The company is looking to help women in business by supporting ;

bring a solution to ill-fitting undergarments

We support: 

* Ethically made products

* Supporter of women owned business

* Breast cancer charities

* Girls who code


About Me

French-born, passionate about ways to disrupt the intimate apparel space.  I have experience in Luxury, Fashion, E-commerce, Marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Startups and Sales. 

I believe that a large untapped potential resides in online fitting for lingerie. A gap where little technological improvement has been made, to the detriment of many women: I want to remove the pain of lingerie shopping using e-commerce, with a mix of chatbots and artificially intelligent software for the good of women’s health and confidence.   

"Diagnosed with a breast tumor at the age of 21, the former Management and IT graduate has for mission to connect, celebrate women’s body and empower more women to love their bodies using the tools she knows best - lingerie and technology. With a blend of algorithm​​ ​and lingerie stylists​,​ she is creating the ultimate pain​-​free lingerie shopping experience: a pioneering service in the modern lingerie shopping."

Milly heads 2 tech-focused lingerie startups: The lingerie Lab and Box of Intimates. The former is the first-of-​ its​-​kind curated marketplace for emerging luxury lingerie designers; the later, Box of Intimates, is UK’s latest lingerie subscription box providing surprise fashionable delicacies made be independent designers from around the world. Both platforms serve as ​a ​pilot to deploy the latest technologies, enabling fresher ways to shop for lingerie! 

Business remains bootstrapped but Milly is early hunting for investors to help it launch/scale.

A regular FashionTech and E-commerce Innovation speaker/panelist, she is also a supporter of women who code charities and always look for opportunities to support, advise and empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

To discuss, email me at:

I look forward to hear from you!

Inspiration guidelines for Box of Intimates: