Media Kit

A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

Dear Creator,

We love and support what you do, so we are pleased to invite you to be part of our community of valued partners.


The Box OF Intimates is a curated box for the millennial woman looking to effortlessly add a little je ne sais quoi to her lingerie wardrobe.

We are like a caring friend that is protecting her from old granny pants! We want her to feel good, feel sexy and empowered by wear the designers we recommend.

Our partner brands are, without exception quality, talented artisans that have a passion for creating beautiful and fair-trade underthings. 

We give our partner the opportunity to access more potential customers through our service of discovery. 

We believe that by empowering artisans and paying fair prices for their work we can help them build a sustainable business, creating a positive social change in their lives and consequently impacting their community and its future.
The Box of Intimate is a monthly lingerie subscription box featuring quality handmade, fair trade lingerie created by talented artisans and designers from developing countries.We packages high quality intimates sets, giving the opportunity to women to feel empowered by wearing beautiful underthings.


Here is an example of the type of lingerie our customers can find in the Box Of Intimates. We are all about beautifully hand-crafted lingerie by artisans like you looking for a worldwide reach.
Each box is curated for the pleasure and happiness of our audience and it contains:

➤ A naughty or nice lingerie set and 

➤ A beauty & lifestyle goodie to match the lingerie!

On invitation only, limited availability.


What do I get?  We promote our company via larger platform, therefore by being our partner, you automatically benefit from it. In the month(s) you feature with us,  But you also get YouTube and social media influencers interest as we often pay them for an unboxing video or Instagram and Facebook promotion.   

How many sets am I expected to send you? We will let you know as early as we can. 50 to 75 lingerie sets in 1 or 2 different styles is usual but quantity vary from a month to the other. As of June 2017, we cap our amount of boxes to 150.   

Do I need to send you free merchandise? No, you are not expected to do so. We have a fee that ranges from £9 to £11 wholesale per set depending of material, country and design. Our fee is non-negotiable. Once you agree to the given a fee, we will offer a place in our partnership program and make another from you for the next available box.   

Do I have to be from a developing country? We want to help the makers who need it the most and tell theIr stories and ...   

When do I get paid? Immediately. We understand that producing with small resources is thought and we want our partners to be able to work in the best conditions. Therefore, we do not delay the payment of 3 months like large suppliers do, but instead, you’ll receive 50% payment of the full amount of the order immediately and the remainder upon successful fulfilment of the order.   

And how do I get paid? We will pay you either via an Escrow account, Paypal or Etsy Wholesale (you may open a shop just for this purpose, it’s worth it!).   

Do I have to put 2 sets? No. We are happy to feature up to 2 designers per month for our naughty and nice styles as we know that many designers may not be about to fulfil both at once.   

Once my application gets accepted what happens? You’ll be put on our partner list and put an purchase order.    Why am I rated? So we can keep track of …   

May I know my rating? Only if you enquire about it. You’ll be a rating (internal and external) based on different factors that include: *choice of styles, colours and designs *speed of fulfilment *quality of the products, design, material and finishing *size accuracy *consumer/customer feedbacks