Welcome to the best lingerie club, we hope you love your first Box of Intimates!

If you are wondering when is your pink parcel coming, well, soon! Here is how we work:

  • Boxes are shipped by 15-18th of the month
  • You should receive your box by the 20th to the 23rd of the month (US customers)


If you order on the 30th, you will receive your parcel by the of following 20-23rd of the month. 

If you order on the 1st you will receive your parcel on the 20-23rd of the FOLLOWING month.

Why does it take so long to receive my first box?

This is lingerie. Consider us as your personal stylist. 

We take the information you have given us on the sign-up quiz to ensure we get to know you first. We want to offer you the best lingerie possible!

We really care about finding the right fit and a great style for your body. Our stylists are scouting and matching you to the most talented designers & brands to ensure you will fall in love with your box. Our goal is to find that magical piece that will make you melt every month. We always add a little touch of love and care (plus extra surprises!) that will make it worth the wait.

Thank you so much for your patience and thank you for choosing Box of Intimates to deliver fashionable lingerie straight to your door!

Can I request express shipping? 

If your order needs to be rushed please contact us and we will make sure it is shipped as soon as we can (subject to stock availabilities). 

Get your NAUGHTY or NICE styled lingerie box now: